21 September 2006

Richard Hammond

Richard hammond, probably one of the best presenters of our time has been critically injured whilst driving a jet powered car for Top Gear.

Hammond is known for presenting Top Gear, Brainiac: Science Abuse, Should I worry about..? and Richard Hammond's Five O'Clock show.

I really hope he pulls through. He's probably my favourite TV presenter ever, and my thoughts go out to him, his friends and family and I wish him a speedy recovery.

Reports are saying his condition has improved overnight, so hope is still there.


16 September 2006

Know what?

You know, iPod Mini was probably the best digital jukebox ever built. And it shows. Apple adopted the Mini's version of the clickwheel into the dady iPod, and later the Nano. The Mini's design clearly influenced the Mac Mini. And it was a massive seller. I loved it and wanted one desperately.

Then, it got discontinued and Nano came out. iPod shrunk down. Great, terrific. Not Mini. So I got a Shuffle instead (Whilst on holiday in another country, made possible as it only charges via USB and those are the same eveywhere). I love my little Shuffle, it does exactly what I want it to. But I need more space, and I always wanted a player that was green like my shoes.

Well Mini is back, and it's called Nano 2G. Nano 2G fixes all the faults with Nano 1G in one fell swoop, by simply becoming a shrunk-down Mini. The Nano 2G retains the same Nano size, but grabs the Mini's looks, material (It's got that same anodized aluminium body) and most importantly, style. That is to say, COLOURS!

So I can get my green player. You can also get a pink one, a blue one, a silver one or a black one. And best of all, they've doubled the memory at each price point.

At the same time, Apple introduced iTunes 7, and I love it. All its small new features, and all its big. For example, Cover Flow is so deceptively great. I Now always use it to navigate my library. I finally have artwork for all my songs. I never bothered before, since Shuffle has no screen.

iTunes is simply awesome. And I finally know how to prove it's better than WIndows Media Player. WMP, you open to watch a movie or play some music. iTunes, you leave open and come back to. It's a media program that is as central to my computer experience as FireFox.

iTunes and iPod, you are both wonderful.

(Especially iPod Mini, iPod Nano 2G and iTunes 7)

04 September 2006

The bare faced, uncomfortable truth

What I am about to say is going to be majourly controversial, and many of you will probably call it unfair and call me names. But I think many of you secretly know there's an element of truth in it, but you'd never ever tell.

Homebrew, and by that I mean software developed for systems where there are measures to prevent it, is, on the whole, a messy, annoying pile of crap. Now, I don't mean all homebrew, but when there's a sudden rush of it, fear the worst.

The main problem is, most so-called hombrew, is in fact a port. And the homebrewers who churn out port after port generally put very little effort into each one, as soon as it's on screen and controllable, they release it.

Other times, people who know nothing about making games, decide it's a good idea to leap in at the deep end and produce a 3D action-fantasy RPG with guns and zombies set in a massive free form world.

You've all seen all this crap. But noone ever says any homebrew sucks ever, jsut because it's free.

Grow up. If it sucks, it sucks. So say it.