23 July 2010

Paul Douglas Drinks to Beverages: Powerade

It's a Mountain Berry Blast as Paul Douglas takes on Coca-Cola's Gatorade rival, Powerade. Join our intrepid sometimes-comedian and drinks fanatic as he attempts to discover if Powerade Mountain berry Blast is especially tasty, if it really helps your sporting prowess and whether or not he can use it to drown himself - no, sort of, like, really.

19 July 2010

Paul Douglas Drinks to Beverages: 7 Up Vs. Sprite

It's a showdown! Paul Douglas returns with his innovative beverage reviews show "Paul Douglas Drinks to Beverages", and this time, there's a fight...Our intrepid drinks critic seeks to find out which of the world's two favourite lymon-flavoured beverages is better: Is it 7 Up or is it Sprite? Watch and find out!