23 June 2007


That's a pretty significant number. A magical Number. And soon, that number will open up a new world order. And you just might get to be there.

There's Something Coming

Get Ready. The Future's on its way.
And we're taking you there.

This Year

Six Will Blow the World Wide Open

12 June 2007


Well, once again, I have changed browsers. As of yesterday, Safari 3 has been available in beta form. On OS X Tiger and Windows (Vista and XP).

I have been using Safari on XP since the first moment I could. And what a browser it is, speedy and gorgeous.

That's pretty much all I feel the need to say on that...

Leopard is looking good, and it will be released before I go Mac, meaning I get all these awesome looking new features and the gorgeous new interface as standard. Score.

Anyway, onto other things. I just inherited an XBOX (The original one). It's...An XBOX. Nothing much to say about it. Except that it rips CDs at an astoundingly slow rate.

Getting Red Steel soon, so my time will probably get taken up by that. Reminds me, Halo 3 Beta kicked ass.

This post is very bitty. Lots to cover...I'll resume normal services next time.

It's funny, the more I hear about this so-called smaller, more intimate E3, the more it sounds like it's become even more intense. Curiously enough, I actually want to be there at the press briefings. Just hope it lives up to expectations.

Re-Elect Gore 2008,