17 April 2007

The future

I'm noticing some worrying precedents being set. This is a modern, electronically connected world. You should know that, here I am - a freelance journalist - communicating with you via an entirely internet-based publication medium. And yet, we live in a world run by people who don't understand. The future is on computers; efficiency, progress, technology and liberalism are the ways of the future.

And yet, those with power who are in touch with the digital wave of the future, are too hung up on protecting old media and monitoring our activities. I don't trust Trusted Computing, because I see no need for it. DRM creates markets with no competition.

The internet is anarchy. In the future, anarchy will reign offline too. Unless, of course, governance changes. Proponents of the free media movement recently rallied around the idea of starting their own country (A movement spearheaded by one of the most prominent players in the Bit Torrent medium).

If things don't change, civil unrest will rise and civil war can't be far behind.

Peace out,
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Zara Heart said...

This is true..