07 October 2007

Here's a really dumb question

Are video games art?

What a stupid freaking question. What does that mean? Does it mean is making a videogame an artform? Well an artform is...

" 1 - the more or less established structure, pattern, or scheme followed in shaping an artistic work

2 - a medium for artistic expression

3 - a medium other than the artistic regarded as having highly developed or systematized rules, procedures, or formulations

Okay, so let's deal with those individually.

1) Well all games are made in pretty much the same, highly skilled manners.

2) One can express oneself artistically in games, no shit. Through design, story etc., one could quite easily express oneself.

3) Which means programming is an art-form.

So if designing and writing for a game is art, programming is an art-form and the whole process of making a game is an art-form, logically games must be freaking art.

It's not even like it's not obvous, if movies can be art, so can games god dammit. What is the matter with people?


Peter said...

Now now paul. We all know that if Computer games were Art, conservative Daily-Mail readers wouldn't be able to look down their noses at gamers, would they?

Jensonb said...

Peter, they look down their noses at everything

Peter said...

even themselves?

Jensonb said...

Especially themselves. That is to say, eachother