14 February 2008

She's a looker at least

Following Honda Racing F1 can be awfully difficult and wonderful (Hmm, probably could have reused my totally badass Tale of Two Cities thing agan here. Instead, I shall link to it several times as it was totally badass). For you see, we as Honda F1 fans spend a lot of time crying silently as we see Jenson Button listed next to the number 15 (Or indeed, a higher number like 17) and Rubens as having had some kind of mechanical failure or been smashed into by one of the kids driving for the backmarkers.

We hear that the new car resembles "a sexy lady" or is a definite improvement, but are treated to, at best, one good year in every two. Jenson has the potential to be a superstar hotshot fighting it out at the front with his contemporaries Raikkonen, Massa, Alonso and so on.

And at least on the face of it, Honda should be building a car to allow him to do it. What keeps going wrong? I have no idea. But if this is not the last year of Honda failing to give Jenson the car to prove he can win the championship and Rubens one to show the kids what expereince can do, then Jenson should probably find a new home for 2010.

The signs do look good for 2009. Ross Brawn is the Team Principal and he's amogst the best personnel ever to grace Formula One. Honda have spent the money on a new Aero department, full of talents from other quick teams. It should be enough.

But this year looks to be another write-off. Once again, Honda's times are circling the drains, so consistent points are probably a pipe dream for us. Roll on 2009.

At least the car's another pretty one.

Jens Out

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