25 April 2008

On Magazines

Updates on The Crowd-Sourced Video Gaming Magazine. Resurrect the Print Media this Christmas.

New and likely final title is Multiplayer Magazine. Still shooting for release around December, but work is not scheduled to begin in earnest until after GCSEs are over, maybe even slightly later than that to allow time for a relocation to Scotland my end (Though partners could easily start work then). I do aim to have a more elegant setup in the North so production will be regular.

By that I mean, when the Mac (More details to follow) is installed here (Shortly after June 13. Likely June 18, 1 day after my final exam), there will be three video inputs going into this monitor, 2 audio and a third audio feed into the Hi-Fi. A month later I need to fit an Xbox in. The move will allow me to redesign the entire setup in line with the number of units. Bear in mind, this setup is jury-rigged from an original standard desktop setup.

Now, although full production on my end is not due to begin until after the move, I will be producing at least one Graphics-free/Layout Only issue before the end of July, labeled as a beta/betas. They will however likely feature screenshots. I'll be hoping to get some feedback on the layout from you guys and if a graphics guy hasn't joined the team by then, hopefully it'll encourage one to.

Now then, some information exclusive to the blog. It's about content. Multiplayer Magazine is Cross-Platform, or Multiformat if you prefer. But it's not multiformat like EDGE or EGM are. It's completely multiformat. Any platform you can play games on living or dead is fair game.

Columns will feature in Multiplayer Magazine. Users can submit Editorials to the Editor for him to Review for Inclusion just like any other content. But I will also be giving recurring slots to people of interest, including website owners, developers or journalists. Anyone who might have a story.

Obviously, some people are going to submit reviews of games which differ and both may be valid. A solution to this is going to be present in the Multiplayer Content Specifications (Little bit more on them in a mo). A system called, uncreatively, Second Opinions will give summaries of other writers' views in a side-panel alongside the main review. Readers who want to will be able to read Second Opinion reviews in full on a special section of the Multiplayer website.

Finally, the Multiplayer Content Specifications. Significant portions will be available to the public for the purpose of ensuring content meets publication standards. Sections which only relate to layout and editing will be omitted from public release. The Specifications will include the review scoring system from the reviewer's point of view, which will also be explained from a reader's point of view in each issue.

Any questions, drop me a line at the usual addresses.

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WizzKid said...

Sounds awesome man! Cant wait to start developing!