22 August 2006


Earlier today, I became involved with a discussion over Wii controls. And to my surptise, there was some twit claiming Wii would be too easy and new game players had no right to beat him at a game just because they could "point and shoot" better in an FPS. That's the dumbest thing ever.

It's not like pointing and shooting is any harder for him, is it? And why should someone who is better at doing what your supposed to in the game not beat someone who is worse? That's how it is now.

The problem is, the majority of gamers are jumped up elitist nerds who think they're the best at every game ever. These people spend half their time living up to gaming stereotypes, whilst complaining that games ought to be mass market.

But when an attempt is made to make games mass market, they riot. No, games can't be made to appeal to a broader audience, everyone should just magically change and worship the nerds that came before them.

No new game player should be good, even though all game players started somewhere, oh no.

Where do these people get off? I'm ashamed to count myself among them. And to make matters worse, it's ages till I get my Wii to cheer myself up.

DS it is then.

Live safe folks,


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