21 August 2006


Dude, straight up. Hackers suck.

I have friends who hack. I let them get away with it cos they don't make stuff suck for innocent people. But damn, when hackers do that, it hacks me right off.

So anyway, you're probably wondering what, if anything, is the point in this blog. I'd like to say I'll tell you later, but I'm bored now, so I'll tell you anyway.

Lucky twerps.

This blog is to document the many friggin irritations of life and more specifically games and the internet. And lets not beat about the bush, the internet is a bitch. Noone likes it except Mac users, and they're just the luckiest bunch of crazies I've ever wanted to be amongst.

And people always wan it faster. DS browser's not as fast as my home connection. So flaming what? It's Opera on my DS, jeez, you people are sad.

Anyway, more later. I've got a bunch of writing to do cos that's all I seem to do is write. And I've got another website opening soon. Goddamnit.

Catch ya,


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