13 January 2007

It's official

It's official folks. There are no Wii available in the UK, and it looks like it's gonna stay that way for 6 weeks. That's a real bummer. Very soon I will be able to cash the £100 check that I need and I was rather hoping to grab one right away. Luckily we have a friend in the Tesco Entertainment department who is going to tip us off about any pending deliveries.

Meanwhile, Apple have, as usual, singularly managed to make me want to spend too much money. Thank the heavens I get a job this year! As it stood, I intended to buy a MacBook, an iPod with Video and maybe a 17-inch iMac. Since Steve Jobs gave his keynote presentation at MacWorld '07, I now want a MacBook, an AppleTV, iPhone and the iMac. In total, that'll run to probably £2,000. Wow.

iPhone is an interesting one. The reason I want iPhone isn't the telephony, I have a RAZR for that, but the PDA aspect and video playback. To me, the actual phone is of no consequence. However, it does make the thing seem more special, like what we have there is the future.

Doesn't hurt that it's hella sexy either.

AppleTV meanwhile is simply a good idea. Once Apple (Finally) start selling TV shows and movies in iTunes Store UK, I intend to start buying. So once I have my HDTV next January, I'll grab one.

On another HD note, I'm joining the 360 club in November most likely, but my Live Account will be active before that on my brother's 360.

You know, what they say about high tech teens is true. I'm living proof.

Feel good,

PS: The Pirate Bay Nation. Awesome idea, cos as Carmack says "Design is Law". That is also currently my mantra.

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