15 January 2007


You know, by this time next year I'm gonna have a new computer. A laptop. This laptop:


I know what you're thinking. What's an Apple Geek doing buying an "underpowered" AMD Windows Based Laptop. Well, the truth is, I really want a laptop and I like the styling, weight, size and feel of that one. Plus, it's cheap which means I can get it quickly. December 28th 2007 in fact.

By my 17th birthday I will have 3 computers. None of which will be this Dell. 2 will be Macs and one will be the laptop above. Of the two Macs, first I will be getting a 17" iMac in May then in September, a MacBook.

You might be wondering why suddenly I'm getting a second laptop rather than an XBOX 360. Well, as it turns out, my brother will be staying at home next year (Academic year), so I can just use his. I'm still going to buy the HDTV and AppleTV as and when I originally planned (January/February respectively).

As an early birthday present I'll get myself an iPhone in October.

I love money. ^_^

Good thing I get a job this year. Speaking of, I'm probably doing work experience at Nintendo Magazine. Nice.

Still no luck finding a Wii. Just gonna have to hope my sources inside Tesco can give me a decent heads up when they're getting them.

And of course, I've gotta hope that that is before late February. This whole thing's seriously nuts. I'm really annoyed about it all.

Oh well, feel good,

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