13 May 2007


This is a landmark. 20th post. That's commitment for you - noone's reading this.

After finally getting into the Joost Beta (After finally just asking for an invite - my application didn't work right), I've been playing around with it for a while.

Yeah, the rumours are true. It's pretty okay, I guess. The thing is, as "yeah, that's pretty cool I guess" as it is, Joost is a window to the future.

This pre-release version of Joost might be simply something cool to watch when bored, or put in the background to web browsing, but I can see in it the potential that in the future, this is what TV will be.

The playback system is a little primitive (Playlists of videos), but in the culmination of the Joost idea, more old-media style broadcasting will be available too (Not instead of, just as well. Playlist TV is a medium that has potential so long as it's done right)

So, Joost. Touch the future as it's not even in the oven yet.

In other news, Super Mario Galaxy is out on the 1st of June over here in the UK according to IGN. This changes EVERYTHING. I was going to buy Twilight Princes and/or Red Steel around that time, but with Super Mario Galaxy coming out, my path is clear.

I'm-ah coming Mario!

Feel good,

PS: Don't trust the Trusted Computing. As FSR tell us, they don't just want it around to stop looting.

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