19 May 2007

WiiDS Has Died

The GN Network is formally announcing the abandonment of the WiiDS Main Site as a result of lack of interest. The Main Site will be handed back to Trevsweb and the staff reporting to me, Jensonb, under the WiiDS Main Site can remain with the site if they wish. The Forums remain under the control of Trevsweb and their fate is not within our control.

The founders and heads of the GN Network are moving on to more community oriented projects, with GN Network changing its name to GizzedInc Content Delivery whilst development continues on a site to add to the successful GizzedInc site, hosting Gizmondo Homebrew.

We do not regret opening the WiiDS Main Site, however it has come to our attention that there is no real room for another Nintendo site.

Our next new project will be focused on games as a whole. We are very excited about the site, still in R&D.

Community is the future of gaming - since gaming is now heavily skewed to online with all consoles being able to go online.

We will reveal more on the project, including a codename once we commence Alpha. You can then expect a final name once it goes Beta.


1 comment:

Trevsweb said...

well thats why the forums was closed down anyway last week, king and i mentioned it and thought it was for the best.