12 March 2008

Digital Print Media

More details on the project for which I am currently recruiting talent.

I'm looking to launch a successor to GizzedUp. Wanna Play? Magazine (Working Title) will be a multiplatform, digitally distributed video games magazine, exceeding the pages per issue of GizzedUp by a wide margin.

The magazine is to be laid out and exported to the widely used PDF format on industry standard Mac hardware running OS X (Version 5) Leopard, the OS for creative professionals and publishing using the successful publishing software Pages '08, a component of iWork '08.

Most exciting of all, the content of the magazine will be crowd-sourced, opening the pages to anyone to have their review, news coverage, editorial, recurring feature - whatever they choose to write - published for all to see, with their name or handle proudly displayed alongside.

The magazine will be issued no fewer than six times per year and up to thirteen (Content permitting).

Readers and contributors will be able to hit up The Work Board on the magazine's website to see what writing needs to be done (In a general sense, the work board will simply list "Review for Issue X" or "News Writeups", with contributors choosing what specifically to write about. The board will be updated to include a list of which games or news items or so on have already had articles selected for publication) and with any luck discuss the magazine and gaming in general on the forum.

This winter, I'm getting back into the (digital) print media.

And yes, I know. About time too...

(PS: This Blog will live on though)

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john said...

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