21 March 2008

Powering dreams, one lap at a time

What's the point in two posts in rapid succession? Why not just one? Two questions I refuse to answer to, so keep them to yourself.

After the Australian Grand Prix, I reflected on how well Honda Racing F1 had done there, hauling themselves up from an unpromising off season following a dismal 2007 to be the faster of the mid-field cars, even get one of their cars (The one not hit by an errant Toro Rosso) into a podium (On racing merit) position. Disqualification aside, it was epic.

And so, we turned to Malaysia (Birthplace of one of my friend's mothers in an pointlessly unrelated piece of trivia). And our jaws dropped further. Jenson went P9 in Free Practice 1. We were into the top ten pace!

Then, he knocked us all flat in Free Practice 2. In a low fuel run, Jenson hauled the Honda into P4, besting the McLaren (Fastest car over a single lap in the field) of Heikki Kovalainen!

And with rain predicted as almost and completely a certainty for qualifying and the race respectively, Jenson Button - the rain master - could well be on for a podium. And dare I say, challenge for the win?

But honestly, even finishing 4th would make me as happy as a kid with a big ice cream. All I can say is:

Come on Jenson!

Jens Out (For true this time)


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