18 January 2008

iPod touch January Software Update Petition

Hey guys,

Further to my previous coverage of the iPod touch January Software Update (AKA App Pack) debacle, I have signed the petition to get the iPod touch January Software Update to be made free.

Charging for add-ons is fine. I have no problem with that. But new users are getting this stuff free because they waited a month longer than me to give Apple their money. That's not right.

Those of us who got iPod touches as soon as we could deserve some love. And Apple has bitch-slapped us.

All this shenanigans has prevented me from updating iTunes. Let me explain how weird that is: I always have the latest iTunes release. Always. Every time it comes out I get the first second I can.

But I have been made aware that iPod touch owners who have not yet bought the January Software Update will be bugged to do so every time they try to sync their iPod touch. Every. Damn. Time.

And since, as we've discussed, I have no intention of giving Apple money for the JSU, that splash screen (Reportedly the entire iTunes content area - everything but the sidebar and the controls) is going to be bugging me for a long time.

So sign the petition. We have to let Apple know:

This will not stand.

And I thought they'd learn their lesson from iPhone's price cut. What's next? Are they going to offer the 64GB Flash Drive in the MacBook Air for just a £100 on MacBook Airs bought in March and onwards?

Thanks to TUAW

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Anonymous said...

Personally speaking, I am outraged that Apple is charging early buyers of the iPod Touch $20 for a system update that ought to be free.

While I understand Apple's decision to charge money for the new applications the new $20 "application pack" also includes a SYSTEM UPDATE in the form of the home page editing, web clips, and lyrics features. All of these are updates to the currently existing iPod Touch software and NOT new applications, which means that they ought to be free to all users of the iPod Touch.

Adding insult to injury these applications are all hidden in the 1.1.3 system update, a whopping 104.4mb file that all users must download if they want to fix bugs in the system. These applications can only be used when you pay Apple $20 to "unlock" them, but even if you decide not to buy them they stay on your iPod taking up precious space that could be used for songs, videos, or photos.

Apple is normally wonderful when it comes to providing system support and updates, but having them shaft early adopters and loyal fans like this is offensive and shows that Apple has absolutely no regard for the iPod Touch community.

You can leave Apple direct feedback here:

You can also sign this petition: