04 January 2008

iPod Touch Kicks Ass: Scientific Proof

Apple advertises iPod Touch as having a battery which is good for 5 hours of video or 22 hours of audio only from a full charge. When I was reading reviews in the run up to Christmas, I noted that most of them ran without full battery life tests.

So I've tested Apple's 22 hour battery life claim, one which caused at least one observer to complain the iPod Touch was inadequate compared to other iPods (Nano for example) and iPhone.

I conducted the test using my 8GB iPod Touch. I disconnected it from my computer after a complete charge and starting it playing. The WiFi had been turned off in advance. It played a 73 track, 4 and 1/4 hour long playlist of mixed genres on shuffle.

The iPod was feeding the supplied earbuds at my normal listening volume. The screen was switched on and then off again a total of 13 times to check the battery indicator and to perform 3 skips.

Music stopped playing at 27 hours and 40 minutes, then the iPod shut down.

Soon, I will conduct a similar test with the WiFi antenna turned on. Either way, I have demonstrated that iPod Touch is fully capable of playing audio for almost a 1/4 of a day longer than Apple guarantees.

Good job iPod Touch!

Jens Out

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Free Electronics Source said...

Wow, that's impressive. I have a Nokia 6280 that I use to play music and it only plays music for about 90 minutes on a full charge. But then, it's designed as a phone rather than a media player