15 January 2008

iPod touch Users: Boycott the App Pack

Attention all iPod touch users:


That's right, the guy buying a MacBook Air is telling you not to give Apple money. But why you ask? Well, iPod touch's version of OS X Mobile 1.1.3 lacks 3 things included in iPhone's version (I must point out, by the way, they run the same binaries). To get these features which are free for iPhone users and new iPod touch buyers, we must buy the £12.99 App Pack when we may not even want any or all of the Apps.

Those 3 Features are:

1) Home Screen rearranging. iPod touch needs this far more than iPhone. We have that ghastly missing icon. We should be able to move the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store into that gap at the very least.

2) Web Clips. Again, we should be allowed to use these to fill up our barren Home Screen and also to make browsing to WebApps easier and faster.

3) Lyrics. My iPod nano 2 supports lyrics for pete's sake.

Until at least these 3 things are free, buying the App Pack is telling Apple they can screw ipod touch's existing users for whatever money they want.

If you own an iPod touch, join the boycott. Spread the word. The more users refuse to pay the more likely it is Apple will stop pulling this kinda stunt.

I will repeat as I can't stress it enough:

Spread the word. Boycott the App Pack.

Update: And if you're so inclined, sign the petition to get Apple to Make the App Pack Free

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

fair play, i for one won't pay for it. I'd rather find an alternitave :(