26 July 2007

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So, today is Rich Gallup's last On the Spot. Now, you can call me sad, but I'm kinda down. For over 2 years, I've tuned into On the Spot, The HotSpot, Tournament TV and GameSpot's Live Coverage of E3.

And so for over 2 years, I've been watching and listening to Rich Gallup. And Rich Gallup is awesome. Kind of a hero and role model in a way. And now, he's not gonna be doing any of that stuff any more.

And, again, you might think it's lame, but I'm kinda of upset.

But whatever. I'll be tuning in to On the Spot to see him off and I wish him the best of luck in Boston. If at all possible, I'm going to try and follow his future endeavors.

So long Rich, I'm gonna miss you at GameSpot.

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