01 July 2007

iPhone Europe - 3G?

Mutterings all over the internets that Apple, Inc will unveil the details of iPhone's European launch on Monday, in partnership with Vodafone, T-Mobile and Carphone Warehouse (As a distributor, in addition to Apple's own stores since there are fewer of them in Europe)

The big news is that Apple is expected to launch iPhone in Europe with 3G. Well, yes, that's big news. But are you surprised? They kind of have to.

It's okay in the States, their mobile phone market is archaic compared to ours. We pretty much skipped 2.5G solutions. These are more common over there. Most EU networks are either 2G or 3G. And there's no way in hell iPhone could launch on 2G standards.

We can safely assume this iPhone is due out by the end of the year in Europe.

But we can speculate that a US version will not be far behind.


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