05 July 2007

New iPod Imminent

The signs all point to at least one new iPod being released soon. In fact, we suspect the Nano and the iPod are both getting updated very soon.

Here's why. When Mini was about to be killed off for Nano 1G, they gave them away with Macs. In much the same way as they're currently doing with Nanos.

iPod six is being hinted at by two things. For one, it is the subject of an hourly giveaway with Coca-Cola. For another, Play.Com just lopped £40 off the price of the 30GB version.

£40 is one hell of a discount. Seems to me like they're dumping them.

Be aware, new iPods are coming.

Very soon.


Peter said...

...and who pointed this out? Lol

Did you just copy+paste this from our MSN convo? >_< You even used the word "imminent"! oh well...

Peter said...


Jensonb said...

I did say "we"

Peter said...


Looky here:
"7. The multifunctional handheld device as recited in claim 3 wherein the display mechanism is not a liquid crystal display (LCD)."

One word: OLED.

"[0095]As mentioned before, it is generally believed that circular input devices are easier to manipulate when operating handheld devices"

"28. The touch pad as recited in claim 27 wherein the graphical information is based in part on the touch data. "

Definitley a click wheel.

so...OLED MultiTouch click-wheel iPod, anyone?

Jensonb said...

Patents don't mean much. Just because they patent it, doesn't mean they'll release it