03 July 2007

iPhone Europe - NewsWireless Updates

Apparently, the reason I've yet to hear the slightly dubious, though very good, news about the European iPhone launch from Apple, Vodafone, T-Mobile or Carphone Warehouse is related to legal troubles.

Word is, Vodafone didn't want to sign the contract drafted for T-Mobile under German law (It is, presumably, a 4-way contract). They requested it be rewritten under UK law for them to sign.

So NewsWireless says.

I also got the impression NewsWireless suspected Apple wanted (Or was required to under contract to AT&T I suppose) to sell 1 Million iPhones stateside, or possibly restock AT&T's stores before they made the announcement.

I don't know about that last bit, I didn't pay too much attention after the legal bit.

They say to expect news Thursday.

I'll be waiting.

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