24 July 2007

Using Safari

I got out of the habit after those security bugs were publicised, but since I've updated it a couple of times since then, "I figured...What the hell?"*

It feels great to be on holiday at last. Way laid back. I can spend my time just chilling and messing around again, at last. And as part of that, it's come to my attention that the only two apps I'm using right now are made by Apple.

iTunes 7 and Safari 3. Speaking of iTunes, I'm willing to bet iTunes 8 is due alongside OS X Leopard, or at least the next iPod refresh. This year. Think October time. Feature-wise, I think it will add a more global Video Store (TV and movies in the UK? I can but pray). It will also add support for the latest iPods. Obviously. Probably something more as well. DVD playback for example.

You heard me.

Speaking of video playback, have any of you tried Miro? It's a godsend. Between Miro and Joost, what's the point in TV? Miro is great because it allows automatic video downloading in any format. DivX and XviD nerds aren't left out in the cold with Miro.

And it can search popular video sharing sites, like YouTube, Veoh, Google Video, Revver and Daily Motion. Very nice.

I need to get down to an Apple Store soon. I want to try out a Mighty Mouse. That scroll ball intrigues me and I'm sick of wireless mice. I may also grab an Apple Keyboard if I like them enough. The USB ports interest me.

Feel Good folks,
The one and only,
Jens with a J

*If you know who I'm quoting, let everyone know in the Comments. Else, I'll tell you in the next post.


Peter said...

is it steve jobs? or steve wozniac? it has to be an apple employee, surely

Jensonb said...


It's a film character